Character Trades

Family Fun That Builds Character!

Character Trades helps teach kids
positive character traits 
with family games and activities!

Character traits games for kids!

Character Trades uses the fun and excitement of games
to help kids develop good character.

Live and love well -- with Character Trades. 
Because the kids we love are worth investing in.


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showing all 36 character traits.

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Character Trades includes a 76-card deck with 36 character trait definitions for a variety of card games.

Use Character Trades to start a family game night and spark meaningful conversations with kids about good character.

Essential character traits and their definitions help teach kids how to live and love well.

  • Based on 4 primary personality types' strengths and weaknesses 
  • Introduces 36 important character traits to help kids build character

Fun family card game!

  • 76 colorful cards
  • Great for ages 6+
  • Basic game is for 3 to 8 players
  • Variations possible for just 2 players

Basic game play is an easy and fast-paced card game similar to "Pit". Other variations are similar to "Uno", "Memory", "Go Fish", "Old Maid" and "Taboo". Or make up your own unique way to play!

  • Fast, easy game play 
  • Variety of game options keep kids interested 
  • Easier versions let younger kids play too 
  • Discussion ideas spark meaningful conversation 


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Now Character Trades comes in a classic card deck too!


With standard suits of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds, this deck is perfect for playing all your favorite card games -- and using as flash cards to help kids memorize character traits.

  • Includes the same 36 essential characteristics from the original Character Trades card game
  • Complete deck of 54 cards, jokers included

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