Character Trades

Family Fun That Builds Character!

Character Trades helps teach kids
positive character traits 
with family games and activities!


Character Trades provides fun and exciting 
game play for your family 
and helps build good character at the same time!


  • Great for ages 6+
  • Basic game is for 3 to 8 players
  • Variations possible for just 2 players

Basic game play is an easy and fast-paced card game similar to "Pit". Other variations include "Uno", "Memory", "Go Fish", "Old Maid" and "Taboo". Or make up your own unique way to play!

  • Fast, easy game play 
  • Variety of game options keep kids interested 
  • Easier versions let younger kids play too 
  • Discussion ideas spark meaningful conversation 
  • Based on 4 primary personality types' strengths and weaknesses 
  • 36 important character traits included 
  • Bonus set of 9 Communication Skills added


Now Character Trades comes in a classic card deck too!

54 traditional card deck with spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Includes jokers.

Each suit has a family of 9 character traits borrowed from the Character Trades card game.