Character Trades

Family Fun That Builds Character!

Character Trades helps teach kids
positive character traits 
with family games and activities!


Nathan Smith

Nathan's full-time work provides consultation help to businesses and nonprofits who want to improve their marketing and fundraising strategies. (

Passionate about creative communication that inspires people to live and love well, Nathan developed Character Trades to use with his own family. 

"Parents tend to push kids to excel in school, sports, music and other areas." says Nathan. "But we also want them to be likeable, to deepen friendships, and to resolve conflict."

"Character Trades keeps emotional and relational health at the forefront. It opens the door for meaningful conversations that otherwise tend to get lost in our busy lives. Used well, it provides a touchpoint to keep families relationally healthy." 

Lisa Smith

Lisa has a B.A. in Psychology, with a focus on teaching and learning -- which comes in handy as she home schools the Smith's three children.

Together, Lisa and Nathan have developed teaching around personality types to help people understand, accept and draw nearer. They have provided training for business teams, church groups, married couples and individuals.

Nathan and Lisa live in the beautiful Pacific northwest with their three children. And two spoiled cats.