Character Trades

Family Fun That Builds Character!

Character Trades helps teach kids
positive character traits 
with family games and activities!


Raising good kids is tougher than ever.

Previous generations had good character instilled more easily because it was part of the culture. Turn on the TV, and there was Sheriff Andy and the town of Mayberry. Or Little House on the Prairie.


But our culture today reinforces and entirely different set of values on our kids...

How does a kid stand a chance?

Instilling good family values is still possible! Research shows that quality time – just talking to your kids – can dramatically improve the family relationships and overcome the negative input kids get everywhere else.

But families are busy. Were plugged into our phones, TVs, tablets and computers at almost every spare minute. Quality time just doesnt happen like we want it to.

The good news is this – all it takes is just one hour a week.

One hour.

Any family can carve that out of their schedules!

But what would we do during that hour? Stare at each other?”

I know we should do something as a family, but – do what?”

I know we should talk about something, but – talk about what?”

Character Trades to the rescue!


Character Trades 

Nathan and Lisa live in the beautiful Pacific northwest with their three children. And a spoiled cat.